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Gas & Plumbing


RPS Gas covers the installation and service of all NG domestic heating systems


Our services range from full central heating systems to small call-outs to cap off unwanted appliances


Mostly UK properties use gas fired boilers to heat radiator systems and provide hot water either directly or stored in a cylinder. Heating and hot water provision typically amounts to 85% of all the energy consumed in the home. If you want to reduce your energy bills, you need to focus on your heating systems


There are three ways to reduce energy consumption


>Reduce waste, system wide controls for temp and run time

>Reduce demand, zone controls

>Increase efficiency, updating and servicing


Upgrades range from fitting simple controls to investing in a new condensing boiler


Building regs part L (conservation of fuel and power) requires compliance with minimum standards when an existing system is significantly upgraded such as new boiler or cylinder


Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas boilers, cookers and fires can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning



Gas emergency advice


take the following safety steps:


>Turn off the gas supply at the incoming control valve

>Do not operate electrical switches, do not turn lights on or off

>Get fresh air immediately. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room

>Call the National Gas Emergency number (see below)

>Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to check and fix the appliance


National Gas Emergency number: 0800 111 999


Carbon monoxide CO awareness


All gas appliances burn a gas air mixture to produce useful heat. This chemical reaction requires a correct mixture of fuel (gas) and oxygen (air). Under normal operating conditions these gases are converted into relatively harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour


If an installation is faulty or poorly maintained, carbon monoxide CO, can be produced. This highly toxic gas has no smell, taste or colour. Hemoglobin will bind to CO over oxygen. This preference makes CO dangerous even in small quantities. In the lungs CO is readily absorbed into the blood displacing the oxygen vital for cellular resparation


If you are feeling ill and you suspect your symptoms may be related to carbon monoxide exposure visit your GP or hospital immediately


CO detectors can provide advance warning of the prescence of CO. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when installing them



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